vehicle remote lock


Vehicles Opened

  • Target response time of 30 minutes

Lost Keys Replaced

If you have lost all keys, we can help.

High Security/Transponder “Chip” Keys Duplicated, Replaced and Programmed

  • Keys programmed and erased/deleted
  • Laser cut and high security keys

Keys by Code/Code Keys

Vehicles often come with key codes usually on tags. We can generate a new key from these numbers. Even without these numbers, we can generate a new key back to manufacturer’s specifications.

Locks (Doors, Ignition, etc.) Repaired and Replaced

  • New/Replacement locks rebuilt to existing key

Broken Keys Extracted

We can often make a good key from the two pieces. If the key is in too poor of condition, we can generate you a key back to manufacturer’s specifications.

Factory and After Market Vehicle Remote

  • Replacement batteries
  • Programming of most new remotes

Vehicles Rekeyed

If you’re concerned that someone has your key, we can change the combination of the tumblers in your locks so that your existing key will no longer work. We then provide you with new keys.

For more information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving your lock, key and security needs!